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How to make an origami cube

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How to join origami cubes

Origami Minecraft redwood tree

Minecraft redwood tree
Original model created on 25/07/2022 - Published on 25/07/2022

Origami Minecraft redwood tree instructions and tutorial

This majestic Minecraft redwood tree is made with Minecraft origami blocks. The tree is made by folding paper, without tape or glue. It's different from traditional papercrafting (most paper craft projects use glue), and more related to modular origami.

Minecraft has spruce trees with a dark bark but does not have redwood trees. So this Minecraft redwood tree is a bit special!

I drew original textures for the Minecraft origami blocks: a wood block, a leaves / needles block, a dirt block and a podzol (the soil found in the taiga and cold forests) block.

The next step was to use the textures to make printable templates for each of the blocks, using my new origami cube model.

My son and I then folded all the blocks, and we joined them using simple clips made of paper.

I was a bit afraid that the cubes would not hold together as the leaves extend far from the trunk of the tree, but it did work quite well. The branches slump a bit at the end, just like the branches of a real tree.

Hopefully this Minecraft redwood tree will become the first tree of a whole forest in our future paper Minecraft world!


To make the origami Minecraft tree, you need to print the printable templates for the blocks on copy paper (A4 or letter size):


Print the printable templates, cut them, and fold the corresponding blocks. Follow the origami dice video tutorial, which uses a similar printable template than the Minecraft printable templates.

Make the top of the tree (4 leaves around a wood block, like a plus sign, with an extra leaves block on top).

Make the wider branches for the level below (1 wood block with 12 leaves block around).

Make the base (a 3x3 grid with 1 wood block with 8 podzol blocks around).

Then you can join the 2 layers of leaves with a wood block, and then finish by joining the leaves to the base using 2 stacked wood blocks.

It can be a bit tricky to join some cubes, as they don't have openings on all edges. But you can join them with clips on the sides as well.

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How to make an origami Minecraft redwood tree

Here are the step-by-step instructions to fold a Minecraft redwood tree (photo diagram and/or video).

Minecraft redwood tree - step 1

1. The finished origami Minecraft tree.

Minecraft redwood tree - step 2

2. The reflection on the varnish of our dining table makes it look like the tree is on a small island on a lake!

I hope you like this Minecraft origami redwood tree, and that you will make a lot of origami Minecraft trees too!

If you use make some origami Minecraft trees, create a cool papercraft project, use the origami blocks in a class, for a project or anything else, please send me pictures so that I can show them on the https://origamicubes.com website and in a future video!

My email is stephane@origami.plus and you can also send your origami pictures on Facebook: https://facebook.com/origami.plus or on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Origami_Plus

Thank you very much and happy folding!

Note: this model is an original model protected by international copyright laws. Please do not publish instructions, diagrams or videos that show how to fold it, but instead point people to this page. If you would like to help with the translation of the instructions to your language (or improve the translation), please let me know. Thank you!

Your origami Minecraft redwood tree photos

If you fold this Minecraft redwood tree, please send me pictures of your paper Minecraft redwood tree so that I can show them here.

What do you think of this Minecraft redwood tree?

Have you tried this this Minecraft redwood tree origami model? How did it turn out? Please tell me, and send me a picture of your model so that I can add it on this page!

Origami Cubes

The Origami Cubes were created in 2022 by Stéphane Gigandet. This new origami cube model has several benefits over other origami cubes models:
  • It takes only 2 minute to fold a cube.
  • Folding an origami cube is very easy, with only simple folds.
  • You can use standard copy paper or origami paper.
  • A 15x15cm square of paper yields 4 2cm origami cubes.
  • The paper cubes can be joined together, without tape or glue.

Make colorful origami cubes and join them like paper Lego bricks to make cool Minecraft like creations! No glue, no tape, just paper!

Making an origami cube is very easy and quick (2 minutes per cube), and you can use standard copy paper or origami paper. You can then join the origami cubes to make fun creations. Video demo and tutorial:

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