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How to make an origami cube

How to make an origami cube

How to join origami cubes

How to join origami cubes

Origami Cubes Flower

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Original model created on 01/01/2022 - Published on 22/02/2022

Origami Flower instructions and tutorial

This beautiful paper flower made with origami cubes will make a nice decor for your desk or coffee table. You can easily make variations with different colors for the petals and shorter or longer stems.


To make the origami cubes flower, you need 6 square pieces of paper with 3 different colors:


First fold the cubes, then join them to make the flower. It's easier to make the 3 components separately (the flower, the stem and the base) and to join them after.

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How to make an origami Flower

Here are the step-by-step instructions to fold a Flower (photo diagram and/or video).

Flower - step 1

1. A very simple but beautiful flower made with origami cubes.

Flower - step 2

2. You can also make an origami cubes flower without a stand, and/or add a leaf.

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Photos of origami Flower

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Origami Cubes

The Origami Cubes were created in 2022 by Stéphane Gigandet. This new origami cube model has several benefits over other origami cubes models:
  • It takes only 2 minute to fold a cube.
  • Folding an origami cube is very easy, with only simple folds.
  • You can use standard copy paper or origami paper.
  • A 15x15cm square of paper yields 4 2cm origami cubes.
  • The paper cubes can be joined together, without tape or glue.

Make colorful origami cubes and join them like paper Lego bricks to make cool Minecraft like creations! No glue, no tape, just paper!

Making an origami cube is very easy and quick (2 minutes per cube), and you can use standard copy paper or origami paper. You can then join the origami cubes to make fun creations. Video demo and tutorial:

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